Playing for Love

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Playing for Love Cover

An Excerpt from Playing for Love She leaned into his touch and whispered, "You've known me less than twenty-four hours, so what makes you an expert on Kate Brooke?" He touched a finger to her lips and she caught her breath.

"Time doesn't always matter, you're old enough to realize that." He brushed his warm lips against hers and Kate seized hold of him, desperate for more of his touch. Before he could tell her no, she cradled his face in her hands and took control of his mouth, teasing him with her tongue. God, he tasted wonderful, of sweet, hot man. A groan escaped the back of his throat and he took control, shoving his large hands up through her hair and fixing her in his demanding orbit. Out of the blue he pushed her away, his eyes flaring with frustrated passion. "I'm taking advantage of you, Kate, it's not right."

"Am I complaining?" Pain and overwhelming desire swamped her body.

"No." Finn pressed a tender kiss against her cheek. "You're killing me, but I can't do this. Get a great looking lunch cooked while I bring in your cleaning supplies. I might need a cold shower before we eat, but it won't do me irreparable damage."

Kate gave in to a sly smile. "Cold shower? I've never had such an effect on any man before." Finn's eyes darkened and her gut clenched with a surge of feminine power.

"You do now. I'm off before I give in and throw you across the table to have my wicked way with you," he growled.

"Wicked way?" she teased and he managed a tight smile in return. "Could be fun. You're a good man, Finn."

"It's my downfall with women," he grumbled.

"I don't believe you for a minute." He must have legions of them falling at his feet, as she'd come close to doing yesterday, the moment she heard him play and was fixed under the power of his hypnotic blue eyes. "Go on with you and... thanks for listening."

Finn gave her an inscrutable look. "You're welcome, anytime." Before she could reply, he disappeared and Kate sighed.

A single kiss shouldn't turn a person's world upside down, but hers was swirling right now. She thought she'd escaped most of her troubles, but may have landed smack in the middle of a whole new set.