Truth and Consequence

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Truth and Consequence Large Print Cover
New Large Print Cover This is the new look of Truth and Consequence. This is the front cover of the large print edition recently published and now availabe in large print. Thanks to Magna Large Print Publishing for this new release of my debut novel. This edition is available for purchase from Ulverscroft Books ( USA purchase, UK purchase). Many of the United Kingdom libraries purchase books from Ulverscroft in large print to allow those with vision difficulties the option of reading popular books.

Truth and Consequence Cover
Back Cover For Paul and Helen, it's just another rainy morning over tea before Paul sets off for his rounds at the hospital while Helen tends the daily duties of the house. Just when life seems repetitive and bland, the stunningly handsome thirty-year-old Simon walks into their lives, claiming to be Paul's son. Furious, confused, and childless themselves, Helen and Paul must face the secrets of the past and carry on bravely into the future. Yet Simon has a charming manner, a gentle touch, and an irresistible way of finding Helen when she is alone and vulnerable. The pair shares a forbidden passion that has Helen in the fight of her life, trying to save her marriage by resisting the lust she shares with her stepson.

An Excerpt from Truth and Consequence Simon blocked the way as her hand reached for the doorknob, and before she could draw another breath his mouth came down on hers, crushing her fury. One arm wrapped around her tightly while with the other his calloused fingers stroked their way through her hair. She felt a dim sense of a hand loosening her belt, sliding inside and upwards until he lighted on her bare skin, setting every nerve on fire. Reality returned, and with its harsh awareness her traitorous body was finally able to pull away.