Previously Published Works

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Truth and Consequence
Opposites Attract
It's Complicated
Hidden Truths
Playing for Love

Flames That Melt, Hushed Words, Sicilian Escape, California Dreaming, Smoky Mountain Christmas, Endless Love and Home at Last - Seven novels in D C Thomson's pocket novels were available at United Kingdom magazine outlets for a limited time. Future purchasing opportunities will be announced here at a later date.

Short Stories

"Tuesday Rendezvous" and "Sarah's Choice" are included in the anthology "Gathering: Writers of Wiliamson County."

"A Few Stolen Moments" was published in the British magazine 'My Weekly'.

"Stolen Moments" was published in the Australian magazine 'That's Life Fast Fiction'

"Spider Web of Love' and 'Message From the Heart' both appeared in 'New Love Stories' magazine